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CanAfrica Curatorial texts


Curated text by Djibril Drame. Invited like co-curator at CANAFRICA 2022.

Where is my home? What defines me? Is it my culture, my tradition, my religion, my social status…? I don’t think so. It is rather
rather my intellect, my contribution to the world, to humanity, to our common knowledge.

Today, we are far from the ideal of living together. We are not
patient with each other. We need each other to exist in this river of knowledge and sharing.

What is our current relationship today? Should we look at each other or should we accept criticism in order to better move forward together?

“Looking at the faces of the people, one gets the feeling there’s is a lot of work to be done.” Wole Soyinka said.
This exhibition is a call for a better duo. From Africa to Canary Islands, the artists explore the idea of relationship.


Curated text by Charlie Five like co-curator at CANAFRICA 2022.

The construction of the global-contemporary subject involves accepting the media power structures that construct our vision of the world: Westerners know New York’s Fifth Avenue better than Dakar or the Sahara through television series, films and the media in general. This happens because we define our identity and build our reality based on the symbols that surround us in our daily lives. On the other hand, language, as a symbolic construction, is a double-edged sword: the language differences between Canarians, Senegalese and Nigerians, has made these cultural barriers have been maintained even more over time.

Thanks to crypto-art and social networks, the possibility of a real artistic community building has arisen, with people who are self-managed, and therefore, the possibility of building a real cultural connection of equal to equal from art.

From nftcanarias we have decided to move forward in the creation of these real creative connections with artists from the African continent, especially with Nigerian and Senegalese artists. This task, far from simple, allows us to advance in the construction of a hopeful vision of a global society conceived from social equality.