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Opening CanAfrica 2022

CANAFRICA 2022, the first transcontinental group exhibition of Spanish-African crypto-art, will open on 12 October 2022. This exhibition, curated by curators and artists Djibril Drame (Senegal) and Chr5 (Tenerife, Spain), reflects on a real globalisation created by people from different cultures who know and respect each other beyond their differences.

The exhibition will be made up of a total of 13 artists: five Nigerian artists, three Senegalese artists and five artists from the Canary Islands. Demba Ly (Senegal), Pamp (Senegal), Egabor8 (Nigeria) Pascal Okafor (Nigeria), Joy Ejiro (Nigeria), Test Terrific (Nigeria), Daniel Chidera (Senegal), Mercedes Cas (Spain), Nft Garden (Spain), Aída Piñango (Spain), Alfi McFly (Spain) and Chr5 (Spain) will participate.

The exhibition will be inaugurated with a Drop Party (nft minteo party) on 12 October at Twitter space where works exclusively from this exhibition will be auctioned. You can attend and participate in Twitter space through this link:

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