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Bases CanAfrica 2022

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NftCanarias Invites Africa. First nft exhibition with artist from Africa and Canary Islands.

From NFT Canarias we are carrying out the creation of various NFT art curatorial projects whose objective is to strengthen our community and contribute knowledge to the crypto art space. One of our lines of research is to create collaboration with artists from other countries. In this case we have decided to invite artist from Africa countries in what will be our first Canarian-African exhibition at NFT.

Dates / Fechas

  • The period of admission of artists will be during AUGUST.
  • The period of curator of work and preparation will be during SEPTEMBER.
  • The exhibition will open on Sunday, October 2, 2022 in a virtual room in the metaverse.


  • The exhibition will be CURATED by the artists Djibril Drame and Chr5.
  • A maximum of 20 artists will be selected among Canarian and African artists.
  • The works must be unpublished and NOT minted exclusively for the exhibition. Artists will need to fill out this form.
  • The work must have a theme related to African culture, Canarian culture or something that makes visible the relationship between both cultures.

Advantages / Ventajas

  • One artist per category (Illustration, Photography, Pixel Art, Generative, 3d) will be selected directly for next year’s major exhibition NFT Canarias 2023.
  • The artists who participate in this exhibition will be included in a paper catalog that we will create in two languages and distribute to various art galleries worldwide.

Los artistas que participen en esta exposición serán incluidos en un catálogo en papel que crearemos en dos idiomas y distribuiremos por diversas galerías de arte a nivel mundial. Un artista por categoría (Illustration, Photography, Pixel Art, Generative, 3d) será seleccionado directamente para la gran exposición del próximo año NFT Canarias 2023.


We have created an admission form which must be completed before September 1, 2022. Any artist living in the Canary Islands or any African country may apply for admission to this exhibition.


You can contact Chr5 via Twitter or by going to the following address: