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Benolo nft profile


Bénelo García (Gran Canaria) is an art director, character designer and crypto-artist.

I remember that when I was little I preferred to doodle on my school desks than attend to the teacher, the colored scratches on the walls of my house could not be missing, any place that I wanted I turned into my canvas. Drawing has always been my favorite hobby, until one day it became my divine passion.

Aída Piñango

Aída Piñango

Aída Piñango (Caracas, Venezuela) is a painter and fashion designer.

She studied at the “Cristóbal Rojas” School of Visual Arts and at the School of Arts of the Central University of Venezuela. The decomposition/composition of shapes is the tool that I use in my artistic proposal, inviting the viewer to discover, think and enjoy what they see.

Much of my inspiration comes from personal experiences, the environment, and cultures around the world.

bitcoin cat

Nft Garden

Miguel (Tenerife) is a developer and generative artist.

A developer since 1989, he has worked on programming languages such as Cobol and Fortran, VisualBasic, and ASP. He has long been attracted to the world of art through layout and photography. For a few years he has combined art and technology. Through the CollectiMiner profile he presents a series of generative art NFTs created through code using languages like Javascript and Python.

In these collections he builds large series of 100 to 10,000 totally unique pieces combining geometric elements and dealing with aspects such as order, chaos and identity. Another of my lines of work explores digital photography through popular images linked to gastronomy and everyday life.



César Marrero Expósito (Tenerife, Spain, 1981) is a DJ and digital artist.

Self-taught artist born in Tenerife (Canary Islands). His first collection represents a series of comic characters that he has been drawing on sheets of paper since his teens. Deejay Saero combines his interest in drawing with music, a passion that has led him to play electronic music for the last twenty years.

chr5 pixelated


Chr5 is a digital artist, graphic designer and writer living in Spain. His work addresses the complexity of information in the contemporary world (Binary structures), the contradiction between rationality and irrationality (Robots) and the recovery of African symbology in Canarian art.

He current creator and director of NFT CANARIAS the 1st Canary Islands Cryptoart Show.


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